June 2, 2014

Introduction to Performance Analytics

After beginning my professional life in Human Resources, I was drawn into a highly productive period in the Applications Software industry, where I saw "the promise of technology" in Executive Information Systems, and founded Business Intelligence, Inc. in 1990.  I am truly blessed to love my work.

While staying current with analytics business processes and technologies requires an ongoing commitment, I have enjoyed learning about and working with data warehouse, reporting and analytics. For years, I have been reluctant to share what I've learned because I've always maintained the perspective of a student.  With the market demand growing for business analytics knowledge and skills, however, I've been encouraged to start sharing what I have learned - and continue to learn.

My plan is to present what I refer to as Foundation Performance Analytics Best Practices.  Having worked with most of the major database platforms and almost all of the major business intelligence vendor tools, I will focus on how analytics can be used to provide the greatest value to enable performance-minded organizations to achieve sustained high performance.  It's more about how technology can be used, rather than just about analytics functionality.

The information will be presented with an invitation for comments, questions and recommendations.  Others seasoned business performance and analytics practioners will be invited to share their thoughs for your review and consideration.  No one person can know it all.  I will always be a student of performance analytics, and with your input, will continue to learn.

Welcome to my world.